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 [Beginner] Guide to Sound Effects Modding

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[Beginner] Guide to Sound Effects Modding Empty
PostSubject: [Beginner] Guide to Sound Effects Modding   [Beginner] Guide to Sound Effects Modding EmptyMon Dec 26, 2011 2:00 pm

This post will teach you how to modify your game's current SFX (sound effects).
But first, what is a "sound effect" when it comes to terms with Ultimate Knight Windom XP. Sound effects are sound files that were used while playing the game, Footsteps, Beam shots, Thruster sounds and many more are examples of sound effects. The game supports sound files in .wav format.

To edit/modify the current sound effects you have. Go to your UKWXP game folder located by default at: C:/program files/Ultimate Knight Windom XP/Game/Sound.
To make it easier and less confusing, right click on the said folder ----> sort ----> type. Now the files will be sorted by type. All the files in .wav format are used as sound effects, while the others are for BGM's on the game which is discussed in this thread. :(link will be updated)

To change your SFX's you'll need this things:
-Sound converter (in case you need to convert the files to .wav format.)
-Sound Effects (If you need some I will provide you with some of my collected Sound Files)

Since this is a begginers guide, Test the SFX you want to change, Take note of it's name.
Then look for a sound file that you want to replace it with. If it's already in .wav format, theres no need to convert it, but if it isn't then, just convert it to .wav by using the sound converter you have.

Now that you have selected the sound you want to use. Simply rename it. The should be the same name of the sound you want to replace.

For example, you want to change the "asioto.wav" (footsteps) just rename your file to "asioto.wav" and replace the file in the sound folder of the game.

NOTE: some sound files wont successfully take the place of the previous one due to the reaons of bitrate and the length of the sound file. Trial and Error is the key here in modding sound files of UKWXP.

Sound Effects you might need.

That's all,
This thread serves as a help desk about sound modding, off-topic posts will be deleted without prior notice.

Post questions and suggestions regarding this topic.

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[Beginner] Guide to Sound Effects Modding
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