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 [Beginner] Guide to BGM modding

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[Beginner] Guide to BGM modding Empty
PostSubject: [Beginner] Guide to BGM modding   [Beginner] Guide to BGM modding EmptyMon Dec 26, 2011 2:42 pm

this post will teach you how to edit/modify your BackGround Music(BGM) ingame.
BGM's are songs/sound files that play while playing, while you're at the game menu etc. Basically its the songs that play in the background.

Editing BGM's are quite easy. All you need is:

Winlame - This application allows you to convert files/music files to .ogg format, which is the file format mainly used in the BGM's of the game.

Sound Files - Songs will do, OST's and other stuff? you can find them scattered all over the internet.

Converting songs for BGM's is defined in two ways,

1.MAP BGMs - BGM's that is dedicated to a map, meaning it will only play for a certain map it is assigned for. Plays in Arcade mode, Selectable as "Stage BGM" on Survival and Practice mode.

2.MyBGMs - BGM's that play in random. This BGM's are only playable by selection on practice and survival modes

Modding MAP BGM's

First, select the song you want to use as MAP BGM, convert it to .ogg by using winlame. Then Rename it according to the MAP BGM you want to replace.

follow this:
Air raid.ogg = City2
Blessing.ogg = skyland
CharaSelect.ogg = CharaSelect
Confrontation.ogg = City
Engagement.ogg = In2
Enterawarmode2.ogg = City4
Enterawarmode3.ogg = City5
Farthest Gate.ogg = In
hangar.ogg = hangar
Light Breeze.ogg = moon
room.ogg =
title0.ogg = title
Tracker.ogg = City_tac
Wild Race.ogg =
Wilderness.ogg = City3

Put it inside the sound directory. C:/Program Files/Ultimate Knight Windom XP/Game/Sound

Modding MyBGM's

This is a lot easier than modding MAP BGM's.
All you need to do is to convert the song to .ogg by using winlame.
Changing its name is optional.
Put it inside the MyBGM folder: C:/Program Files/Ultimate Knight Windom XP/Game/Sound/MyBGM

You can also add "select images" to this BGMs. Just get your image in .png format and rename it to the same name as the BGM you want it to represent as.

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[Beginner] Guide to BGM modding
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